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📦  Reliable Fulfillment Services

All-In-One Dropshipping Sourcing and Fulfillment Services

Product Sourcing

Source directly from the top Chinese manufacturers! Simply let us know what you are looking for and our dedicated on-the-ground team will talk to the factories and get you a quote quickly within 1-2 business days.

Stock Management

Whenever you are ready to scale up your business, we will get your products ready stored in our warehouse, free of charge. We’ve streamlined the process to make sure your orders can be shipped out within the same day A.S.A.P

Quality Check

We run a strict quality control process that involves checking each product thoroughly to determine if it fits our quality standards or not. You can take a breath from unexpected dropshipping issues and endless complaints and chargebacks

Custom Packaging

Deliver a delightful and entertaining customer experience by leveraging your custom packaging design to add value and spread your messages. We have a wide range of options to choose from that will best fit your budget.

Product Photography

Right product pictures and videos will surely attract your target audience and increase sales! At MyDropshipMate, We can help you shoot creative high-quality images which meet all the requirements for promoting your business.

Automatic Fulfillment

Just sell, we take care of everything else. Once you’ve connected to MyDropshipMate’s automated system, Your orders will be synced and shipped out within 24 hours. Tracking numbers will be auto-uploaded to each of your orders.


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How It Works?

We take care of virtually everything for you!

Ignite Growth, Not complexity.


Product Sourcing

Our sourcing team will discuss with the factory to get you a quick response regarding price and product details for you to decide.


Inventory Management

We purchase the products from the factory and store them ready in our warehouse, guanrantee orders can be shipped out in 24 hours.


Quality Check

We run a strict quality control process that involves checking each product thoroughly to determine if it fits our quality standards or not.


Order Fulfillment

Get orders fulfilled, tracking numbers updated, and customers notified within 24 hours after receiving an order in your store.

Stop Dealing With These Dropshipping Nightmires

Having to check and fulfill the orders one by one
Super slow order processing and shipping time
No idea how to properly lower the product cost
Send multiple packages for different products
No quality check, got bombarded by complaints
Time consuming to deal with multiple suppliers
Terrible Communication, late reply or no reply at all
Not able to do custom packaging or promotional cards
Lack of control about what’s going on behind the scenes

Why Choose

Free Sourcing

Our On-the-ground team source anything for you directly from the factory.

Autopilot Fulfillment

Focus on what you’re doing best instead of having to deal with everythinhg.

Fast Shipping Lines

7-14 days fast delivery to most of the countries with full trackings.

After-Sale Service

Parcel got lost or damged during transit? We’ll take care of it.

Best Aliexpress + Oberlo Alternative Fulfillment Solution

Do you feel concerned when trying to scale up quickly

Everything is easy to break: Your current supplier doesn’t care as much as you do, the price isn’t great, it takes too long for the orders to be processed.

It’s time to have your own China dropshipping agent

We have your back all the way from product sourcing to order fulfillment, you can take a breath and let us know what is important for you that we should take care of.

Crush your current supplier price by up to 30%

Our price is Lower than Aliexpress Guaranteed, we will try to get you a best pricing directly from the manufacturer in order to maximize your profit margin

Save Time, Fully focus on what you’re doing best

We take care of the rest discussing with the factories, do the quality check, store your products in our warehouse, repack and ship the orders out A.S.A.P

Rest Easy with our convenient after sale service

When your customer got a wrong product, received an item that is damaged, or parcel got lost during transit, we will make replacement at our own cost

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